La Tabaccheria Shot

20ml concentrated flavor proposed in the new Shot format (4Sixty).

The concentrated flavors offered in this format will consist of 20ml of flavor with an ideal concentration for dilution into 60ml total. With Tabaccheria Shots, you can easily get a nicotine concentration of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, or 12mg.


CUBA White ExtraDry 4pod LA TABACCHERIA 20ml
CUBA White ExtraDry 4pod LA TABACCHERIA Ecig Aroma.
The e-cigarette liquid "Cuba White ExtraDry 4pod" is a cigar-flavored aroma that is inspired by the taste of a Cuban cigar.
It uses a blend of high-quality South American tobacco as filler, binder and wrapper to create a unique taste experience.
The product is suitable for use on non-rebuildable atomizers and pod mods, but it is recommended to also try it on rebuildable atomizers to fully experience its intense aroma.
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