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The new Wenax M1 by Geek Vape is a cutting-edge Pod Mod that offers a unique vaping experience. This ultra-light device, made of high-quality aluminum alloy, stands out for its sleek and ergonomic design, which ensures a firm and comfortable grip.
The automatic draw and non-removable rubber drip tip allow for a smooth and enjoyable inhalation, enhancing the flavors of different e-liquid aromatizations.

The 2ml magnetic tank is easily accessible thanks to a disappearing door that integrates perfectly into the elegant and refined design of the Wenax M1. The 0.8 ohm coil ensures consistent vapor production and intense flavor, thanks to the use of high-quality materials and attention to detail that characterizes all of Geek Vape's products.
The Wenax M1 is available on Farmacondo, the reference portal for purchasing high-quality vaping products. Discover the unmissable offers and choose your new Pod Mod to experience a unique and exclusive vaping experience.
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WENAX M1 Pod ricambio con filtro in cotone GEEKVAPE
Vaping enthusiasts in search of top performance and quality will surely appreciate the Replacement Pod with Cotton Filter for the Wenax M1 E-Cigarette by Geekvape. Available in a pack of 3 on Farmacondo, this accessory features an Integrated Coil and ideal Replacement Resistances for impeccable MTL draws with your favorite E-Cigarette Liquids. With a 2ml Liquid capacity, the Wenax M1 Replacement Pod is available in 1.2Ohm and 0.8Ohm resistance variants. Choose the best for your vaping and enjoy the quality assurance of the Geekvape brand.
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WENAX M1 Filtri in cotone di ricambio GEEKVAPE
Purchase WENAX M1 Replacement Cotton Filters by GEEKVAPE, the leading brand in the vaping industry, available in a pack of 10. These filters are specifically designed to provide a high-quality vaping experience with your WENAX M1 Pod Mod. Thanks to their exceptional absorption capacity, these filters offer a pure and intense flavor of your favorite liquid, while also ensuring a longer lifespan of the coil. Buy WENAX M1 Replacement Cotton Filters by GEEKVAPE now and enjoy a superior vaping experience.

Buy WENAX M1 Replacement Cotton Filters by GEEKVAPE, the leading brand in the vaping industry, available in a pack of 10 on Farmacondo along with the best vaping products.
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